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January 25, 2013 • Liquor

Mad Millie Summer Cider Kit

Mad Millie Summer Cider Kit

It’s no secret that cider and summer go hand-in-hand whether barbecuing, enjoying a weekend away, or relaxing after a day’s work.

The new Mad Millie Summer Cider Kit contains everything you need to make your own refreshingly crisp apple cider at home, perfect for any summer occasion. All you need to add is water to get started and for brews thereafter, you can buy flavour refills to use with your kit. It also comes with 12 glass flip-top bottles so you can take your unique brew with you wherever you go this summer.

All it takes is five easy steps to create this refreshing summer beverage:

  1. Add boiling water and Mad Millie’s fruit concentrate to the fermenter
  2. Top with cold water, then add Mad Millie yeast and sweetener
  3. Leave to ferment for seven days
  4. Add the essences, stir well, and leave to stand for 24 hours
  5. Siphon into Mad Millie bottles and leave for two weeks to condition
  6. Open and enjoy! (That part’s easy).

Review: By Osmyn Morgan

HospoNews was sent a sample brew from the team at Mad Millie to try. There is something special about a homemade brew of cider, a personal touch of craft-like-class that is endearing. The labels are preprinted with a space for the lucky recipients name and date bottled to be handwritten. Our sample bottle did not say how much alcohol content was present but after a few enquires we found out the kit produces 5.2%. Note the label from the bottle starts to bubble when chilled, which is charming but not good for first impressions, so we suggest not popping the cider in the fridge until after it has been given away or been out on display (to show off your home brewing skills of course). Now for the taste.. let me preface this next bit by saying I am the first to admit I am no cider connoisseur, but in saying that, I was very impressed with the flavour and over all pleasantness of the drink. We sampled it at room temperature and chilled, the result was the same, simply a complete joy to drink, sharp, crisp and sweet.

For more information or to order your own DIY kit, visit the Mad Millie website –

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