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Putti – a new era of mobile commerce

A new era of mobile commerce

October 6, 2014 • Featured, Food serviceComments (1)

It’s a well known fact that smart phones usage has grown exponentially over the past few years. There are over 1.75 billion smart phone users in the world. Ever decreasing price of high-end smart phones and innovation in the field of mobile internet technology has fuelled this growth. In the month of January 2014, 55% ...

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Public Kitchen and Mondillo Wines Keep guests Warm this Winter with NZ Wool Blankets

June 25, 2014 • Featured, Food serviceComments (0)

On a wine delivery visit to Public Kitchen & Bar Domenic Mondillo was tackled by Manager Heidi Thomson about ways to promote their Mondillo Wines at the restaurant this winter and also ways to warm up Public Kitchen & Bar for winter. The answer was...

Mikey Newlands

Find out who will be judging the 2014 Nestlē Toque D’or

June 25, 2014 • Events, FeaturedComments (0)

When Mikey Newlands competed at Nestlé Toque d’Or in 2002, he never imagined that one day he would ‘turn the tables’ and return to the prestigious student culinary event as a judge. As the Head Chef of Bracu Restaurant and The Pavilion which is located...

Shane Cortese, Leah Panapa and Leigh Hart

Which Celebrity Has The Best Charity Roast Recipe – You Decide

June 25, 2014 • Events, FeaturedComments (0)

Celebrity kitchen knives are being drawn online when three of entertainment’s best face off in a charity ‘cook-off’ during the fifth Selaks NZ Roast Day this year. Radio personality Leah Panapa, comedian Leigh Hart and actor Shane Cortese have each...

Nici Wickes credit Rosa May Rutherford

Nici Wickes Returns for Selaks NZ Roast Day 2014

June 25, 2014 • Featured, Food serviceComments (0)

A roast is a roast is a roast, right? Not at all. And in 2014 Selaks NZ Roast Day sets out to prove New Zealand’s favourite winter meal can be both traditional and contemporary. It’s a landmark year for Selaks as it celebrates both its 80th anniversary...

Waitstaff - Hospitality Report 2014

Strongest Growth In Six Years For Café And Restaurant Sales – Hospitality Report 2014

June 19, 2014 • Featured, Food serviceComments (0)

New Zealand’s hospitality sector experienced encouraging growth as rebounding consumer and business confidence played a major part in the (almost) tripling of the sector’s annual growth rate1. The fourth annual Hospitality Report, the definitive guide to...

Massey University Professor Richard Archer. Institute of Food Technologists president Dr Janet Collins.

Preparing for a processed food future

June 18, 2014 • Featured, Food serviceComments (0)

Meeting consumer demands for safe and healthy processed food is the key to feeding the world’s burgeoning populations, according to leading food scientists forecasting the future at a Massey University symposium this month. Massey became New Zealand’s...

Hospitality New Zealand

Limits on Immigration and Work Visas may stop tourism growth

June 18, 2014 • Featured, Food serviceComments (0)

Hospitality businesses are already struggling to find chefs and managers of restaurants and bars. The suggestion by some political parties that they want to further limit the industry’s access to migrant workers on work visas will severely limit the...

Muffin Break and Foodco Franchisee Barista Champion

Porirua Barista Wins at Trans-Tasman Competition

June 18, 2014 • Events, FeaturedComments (0)

A Porirua local has taken out the barista championship at an Australasian coffee competition. Shane Pierce defeated 300 Trans-Tasman rivals to become the Muffin Break and Foodco Franchisee Barista Champion. The event saw the best Muffin Break and Jamaica Blue...

Catherine Milford

Seasoned journalist to edit Food magazine

June 18, 2014 • Announcements, FeaturedComments (0)

Catherine Milford knew it would make a great travel story when, dining in Paris, she saw some of her raw seafood dish “getting up and leaving the plate”. Milford, the new editor of Food magazine, claims the “fruits de mer incident” in the City of...