Is A Fitness Instructor Worth It

Are You Making these Excuses for Not Hiring a Personal Trainer?

Everybody advocates the benefits of regular exercise but few actually love to get out and get moving. Yes, it takes tones of motivation to start and continue with a workout routine. Unless there is a specific reason, most people associate regular exercise with sport persons or celebrities. And there are endless excuses too for not wanting to exercise under a trainer. But do remember that it helps to have your own personal trainer as you move along the grinding sessions.

Personal Trainer

You are Skeptical about Personal Trainers

There are people who don’t really know how to assess their trainer. Maybe you are one of them and don’t want to trust the wellbeing of your physique with a complete stranger. Or maybe images of all that sculpted body and sophisticated equipments make you unsure of your own abilities.

Don’t let this fear stop you from hiring your very own personal trainer. Rather than being intimidating, your trainer is your best friend in your journey from ill-health to fitness. For more information on Personal Training, visit

You are Scared of Failing

Another regular excuse for not having a trainer is the shame of failure. Maybe you feel it’s beyond your abilities to work so hard. And then it’s truly mortifying to be unsuccessful before a professional who is so competent and confident.

However, trainers have handled all kinds of people from downright lazy ones to the super skeptics. They know that the fear of failure is a huge deterrent so they will always encourage you to do better.

You don’t have Time for Long Sessions

Another common grouse is that trainers take too long to help you get back to shape. They usually create routines that stretch for months and require you to follow a stringent diet. You have to modify your lifestyle too and be more disciplined. Continuing this for months may seem intimidating.

What you should understand is that your body needs time to lose or gain weight. No trainer worth his salt will prescribe quick fix solutions such as crash diets which are unhealthy and unsafe. You might be interested in kettlebell instructor courses

Commitments Scare You

Good personal trainers are often extremely demanding. This is another reason why people who are scared of committing themselves avoid working out under a personal trainer. You are not sure of committing undivided time and attention to your sessions and may even want to skip them on and off.

Trainers always have your best interest in mind. They will never allow you to skip sessions or go easy on the workouts. It is tough working out under a seasoned trainer but the rewards are there for all to see. If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer, then be sure to check out fitness certification

You are Scared of Injuries

This is a common excuse for those who have never workout out before. You feel scared of injuring yourself especially when some postures look quite challenging. You would rather be safe albeit unhealthy rather than risk a strain or sprain.

Relax! Trainers undergo stringent sessions themselves during their formative years. They master both the theoretical and practical aspects of exercising so that they know what’s safe for their client. A trainer will never compel you to do workouts you are not comfortable with.